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Spartan RX CYP2C19 System. Sample to result. DNA on demand.
FDA-Cleared For In Vitro Diagnostic Use
CYP2C19 testing. 100% Sensitivity. 100% Specificity. Accurate and reliable.

A third-party study of 325 individuals found that the Spartan RX CYP2C19 System was 100% sensitive and 100% specific compared to bi-directional DNA sequencing.
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Rapid CYP2C19 testing genetic results. 1 in 3 people carry mutations.

Carrying a CYP2C19 mutation can impair drug metabolism. 15% of all prescribed drugs are metabolized by CYP2C19 enzymes, including anti-platelet drugs, anti-depressants and proton pump inhibitors.
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Simple and automated. CYP2C19 testing results print in an hour.

Printer included with system. User receives a results printout after the run is complete. No user intervention or analysis required.
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No CYP2C19 testing sample preparation. Test up and running in seconds.

No pipetting. No DNA extraction. No complicated procedures. Just swab the patient's cheek and insert the sample into the tube.
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Intuitive interface. Designed for ease use.

Just scan the test kit barcodes and enter in the patient information. Press go and walk away. Barcode scanner included.
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Small footprint. Saves benchtop space.

Compact and lightweight. About the size of a shoebox. Easily fits into your existing workspace.
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Landmark clinical trial with Mayo Clinic.

6,000-patient clinical trial entitled "Tailored Antiplatelet Initiation to Lessen Outcomes due to Clopidogrel Resistance after Percutaneous Coronary Interventions" (TAILOR PCI).
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Medicare CYP2C19 test reimbursement. CPT Code 81225.

Reimbursement available for Medicare and most insurers. CYP2C19 gene analysis of common variants for drug metabolism.