The world's top data centres and water treatment companies use Spartan technology. Our applications cross a variety of industries, including:

Data Centers

Data center water systems are particularly susceptible to Legionella growth and need to be tested regularly to prevent the risk of downtime.

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Water Treatment

Water treatment companies must ensure they have an accurate Legionella testing method to quickly validate that their treatment is working.

Real Estate

Many commercial, industrial, and residential building operators are legally required to test for Legionella to protect the health of their occupants.


Hospitals and long-term care facilities have seen many outbreaks because they house the highest-risk groups for Legionnaires': the immunocompromised, seniors, and smokers.

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels and resorts have many water systems susceptible to Legionella contamination which have led to many high-profile outbreaks.

Water Consultants

Water consultants need the most accurate and advanced Legionella testing methods to deliver essential services to their clients.

Food Processing & Distilleries

Food manufacturing plants are at risk of Legionella contamination in their facilities through HVAC units and wash water.

Manufacturing & Automotive

Large manufacturing operations have cooling systems that are susceptible to Legionella contamination, which can lead to health risks for workers and loss of production.

Mining, Oil, & Gas

Mining, oil, and gas operations must keep "wholesome water" for human use free from Legionella contamination.

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