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Faster, more accurate Legionella testing for Data Centers

Reduce risk of outages and worker illness

Legionella in data centers

The CDC found that 27% of cooling towers are contaminated with Legionella. Water temperatures in data center cooling systems fall into the sweet spot for Legionella bacteria growth (25°C - 42°C).

On-site testing provides immediate R.O.I.

Contamination can cause system shutdowns and outages, costly remediation, lawsuits, and death of your workers. Spartan's Legionella DNA test prevents your risk with highly accurate results in just 45 minutes.

Avoid Data Center Outages

Legionella contamination can require you to shut down your water systems, increasing the risk of expensive data center outages. Spartan's test allows you to detect Legionella before it grows to outbreak levels so you can avoid outages.

Reduce Remediation Costs

Eliminating contamination after it reaches outbreak levels can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Spartan's rapid results enable you to catch and treat low-level positives so you can optimize your chemical remediation costs.

Mitigate Risk of Costly Lawsuits

High-profile Legionnaires' lawsuits are common and the median settlement is $2.7M per person. Spartan lets you prevent Legionella contamination from reaching dangerous levels.

How on-site Legionella DNA testing reduces your risk

To date, Legionella detection has been limited to slow and inaccurate testing methods that rely on off-site culture labs. Spartan is solving this problem with the first on-site environmental DNA testing platform for data centers.

Fast detection

Legionella can grow to outbreak levels in 7 days, but the traditional Legionella culture testing method takes 14 days to provide a result. Spartan's test quantifies the amount of live Legionella in a water source in just 45 minutes so you can detect contamination in real time.

10× more accurate results

Culture testing underestimates Legionella by an average of 17-fold and has a false negative rate of 62% because bacteria die in shipping. Spartan's test solves this problem by enabling on-site testing with a Nobel Prize-winning chemistry called qPCR. Spartan's test is calibrated so 1 GU/mL = 1 CFU/mL and uses proprietary technology to detect live and not dead Legionella.

Instant remediation

Fast and accurate results mean your team can immediately treat Legionella contamination before it grows to outbreak levels. Spartan's on-site test provides rapid results. This prevents outbreaks and helps you avoid lawsuits and negative publicity.

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How data centers are using Spartan's test

  • To reduce environmental threats that affect uptime
  • To validate that contamination has been remediated and it is safe to bring up business units
  • As an early warning system to accurately detect Legionella in water sources
  • To prevent the risk of false negatives from traditional testing methods
  • To prevent the risk of costly data outages
  • To minimize remediation costs by treating low-level positives before they grow to outbreak levels
  • To prevent the risk of staff contracting Legionnaires' disease, which can result in deaths and lawsuits, and lengthy sick leave for key operational employees

Landsec is always looking for innovative solutions that can make our buildings and their occupants safer. We look forward to working with Spartan and investigating methods to further reduce the risk of Legionnaires' outbreaks in our buildings.

Tim Peacock
Tim Peacock
Innovation Director at Landsec Real Estate Investment Trust