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Legionella and Legionnaires' disease

Legionella bacteria poses a significant risk to the water systems of buildings. People who breathe in water vapor contaminated with Legionella are at risk of Legionnaires' disease, a pneumonia that kills 1 in 10 infected people.

Despite increased Legionella testing, CDC reports show a 550% increase in Legionnaires' cases since 2000. Experts estimate there are hundreds of thousands of Legionnaires' cases each year, making Legionnaires' a more common and deadlier risk to building occupants than asbestos.

The problem is Legionella detection has been limited to slow and inaccurate testing methods that rely on off-site labs. To solve this problem, Spartan applied our medical-grade DNA technology to create an environmental testing platform for detecting multiple waterborne pathogens, the first of which is an on-site Legionella DNA test.


Rise of Legionnaires' Disease

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On-site Legionella DNA testing reduces risk

Highly accurate results in 45 minutes to help you eradicate Legionella bacteria

Fast detection

Legionella can grow to outbreak levels in 7 days, but the traditional Legionella culture testing method takes 14 days to provide a result. Spartan's test quantifies the amount of live Legionella in a water source in just 45 minutes so you can detect contamination in real time.

10× more accurate results

Culture testing underestimates Legionella by an average of 17-fold and has a false negative rate of 62% because bacteria die in shipping. Spartan's test solves this problem by enabling on-site testing with a Nobel Prize-winning chemistry called qPCR. Spartan's test is calibrated so 1 GU/mL = 1 CFU/mL and uses proprietary technology to detect live and not dead Legionella.

Instant remediation

Fast and accurate results mean your team can immediately treat Legionella contamination before it grows to outbreak levels. Spartan's on-site test provides rapid results. This prevents outbreaks and helps you avoid lawsuits and negative publicity.

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Spartan's Legionella test is being used by:

Data Centers

Data center water systems are particularly susceptible to Legionella growth and need to be tested regularly to prevent the risk of downtime.


Water Treatment

Water treatment companies must ensure they have an accurate Legionella testing method to quickly validate that their treatment is working.

Real Estate

Many commercial, industrial, and residential building operators are legally required to test for Legionella to protect the health of their occupants.

Landsec is always looking for innovative solutions that can make our buildings and their occupants safer. We look forward to working with Spartan and investigating methods to further reduce the risk of Legionnaires' outbreaks in our buildings.

Tim Peacock
Tim Peacock
Innovation Director at Landsec Real Estate Investment Trust


Accuracy and precision of Legionella isolation by US laboratories in the ELITE program pilot study

  • The CDC conducted a proficiency study of 20 ELITE-certified Legionella culture testing labs.
  • On average, the culture labs undercounted actual Legionella concentrations by 17-fold and values differed between labs by 6-fold.
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Validation and in-field testing of a new on-site qPCR system for quantification of Legionella pneumophila according to ISO/TS 12869:2012 in HVAC cooling towers

  • 53 cooling towers were tested for 12 weeks by Spartan's on-site qPCR test and lab culture.
  • On-site qPCR detected Legionella above the acceptable limit of 10 bacteria/mL in 21 towers (40%).
  • In contrast, lab culture only detected Legionella above the limit in 8 towers (15%), and completely missed a tower with contamination >100× the limit.
  • A major reason for culture's poor performance was that bacteria degraded in 72% of water samples shipped to the lab.
  • Lab qPCR showed no correlation with lab culture and suffered the same bacterial degradation effect during shipping.
  • 11 cooling towers (21%) experienced rapid Legionella growth of 3X to 21X over 7 days.
  • Spartan's on-site Legionella qPCR test was validated according to ISO 12869 and detects live not dead bacteria.
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On-site Legionella qPCR test quickly validates Legionella remediation

  • Spartan's on-site Legionella qPCR test enabled fast and highly-accurate validation of Legionella remediation
  • The client was able to save tremendous cost, gain peace of mind, and return to full building operations in 24 hours when typical results take 14 days.
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