The Spartan APOE System

Genetic pre-screening for Alzheimer's.

For research use only

More than 85% of clinical trials are delayed due to slow enrollment and more than 30% of total trial time is spent recruiting patients.

There is a market need for a rapid and inexpensive screening test that can be used to easily identify APOE E4 carriers. These patients are at a higher genetic risk for developing Alzheimer's Disease (AD), and may also respond differently to various AD therapeutics. The Spartan APOE System is designed to meet this research need by providing a rapid, low cost, small footprint solution for patient screening.

Rapid genetic pre-screening benefits Alzheimer's research

The test is performed using a non-invasive cheek swab, and provides full genotype results for the E2, E3 and E4 alleles in about one hour. Researchers can obtain results from cognitive and APOE pre-screening results all in the same visit. This greatly accelerates a variety of Alzheimer's research by facilitating subject recruitment.

The test is currently in use by North America's top memory clinics and clinical trial sites to increase enrollment in patient registries and as a pre-screening tool for clinical trials.

Every 65 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's.

On-site APOE test helps quickly pre-screen for ideal research candidates

  • Full genotype results for E2, E3, E4 alleles in 1 hour
  • Non-invasive cheek swab (no blood needed)
  • Minimal hands-on time
5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's. By 2050, this number is projected to rise to nearly 14 million.

How Researchers Are Using Spartan's Test:

  • Increasing subject recruitment by up to 8 times
  • Saving time and money by pre-screening and advancing subjects in the same visit
  • Implementing rapid APOE testing across multiple sites
  • Holding community outreach events, as samples can be analyzed up to 3 days after collection
In 2019, Alzheimer's and other dementias will cost the nation $290 billion. By 2050, these costs could rise as high as $1.1 trillion.

Clinical trials must embrace new knowledge and move forward with bold and innovative approaches aimed at eradicating Alzheimer's disease and not simply treating symptoms. . . The Spartan Cube is essentially the world's smallest and most portable device to test the APOE gene. And it does that on the spot, without having to send a biological sample to an external laboratory. Using just a cheek swab, the device can provide results within an hour and at a fraction of the cost.

Dr. Sharon Cohen
Dr. Sharon Cohen
Director of the Toronto Memory Program

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