Spartan COVID-19 Test

Rapid identification of the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 has had a huge global impact, with the virus progressing at an alarming rate. As a leading biotechnology company with a platform technology, bio teams, bio facilities and manufacturing, Spartan is looking into how it can quickly contribute to the health efforts worldwide.

We are currently investigating how our rapid, sample-to-result DNA testing platform can be used to detect the COVID-19 virus in under an hour.

Spartan's CYP2C19 diagnostic platform is CE Marked for conformity with the IVDD. Its size and unique ability to go directly from sample to result from non-technical staff would be ideal for fast and portable detection of COVID-19 because it can be deployed in non-laboratory settings such as airports, cruise ships, military bases, and other critical points of entry. The CDC has developed a COVID-19 DNA test and Spartan is currently exploring how to perform the test on its platform.